About Whistle Blowers

What is Whistle Blowers?
The term "Whistleblower" is used generally to refer to anyone who reports suspected Improper Activity, including those who make such reports as part of their job responsibilities. A whistleblower is not someone who wishes to file a complaint to seek redress for some adverse employment or condition who happens to assert some suspected impropriety by the person responsible for the adverse action/condition.
Who will receive and have access to my case?
Cases are created on Whistle Blowers website directly. Whistle Blowers website enables only authorized personnel from Internal Audit Division to view the cases.
What sort of matters should I report?
Any illegal practice, conduct or wrongdoing which is of concern to you or may harm you, company or any other member of company should be reported. These include anything from dishonest, illegal and fraudulent activity to bullying to harassment and discrimination.

Whistle Blowers Privacy and Confidentiality

How am I assured of my anonymity after making a disclosure?
The Whistleblowing website has been designed to protect your identity. Highest available protection measures have been used to protect your information.
Can I identify my identity in the case reported?
If you want to disclose you name along with report, you can do by mention your name in separate section of the report.
Can my identify be confidential even if I disclose of it?
Internal Audit Division assures users who choose to disclose of their identities to one of the reporting channels (website, phone, Email, and PO box) that their identity is confidential and will not be disclosed unless for legitimate reasons and to concerned parties.
What type of information should be in included in the report?
We encourage you to fill all information required with keeping in mind that the body of the report does not indicate your identity. For instance, “During my service for eight years”.

Why to report violations

How important is Whistle Blowers channel?
Elm believes that openness and good communication throughout the organization promotes a better work culture. Elm acknowledges the risk of violations of the policy or standards and depends on the willingness of employees to raise concerns in order to uphold high ethical standards.
Am I encouraged by Elm’s management to report?
You are certainly encouraged to report any violation to our code of conduct. Your willingness to report a problem or concern translates into an opportunity for Elm to improve. Raising your concerns can minimize the potential negative impact on Elm and our customers. In addition, offering input may help identify actions that can improve our corporate culture and Elm’s overall performance. If you observe or suspect a violation of company policy or of the law, you have an obligation as an employee to speak up.
What is the benefit of me speaking up?
Making Management aware of wrongdoing allows them to take appropriate action in response to the reported wrongdoing. It also allows them to prevent further wrongdoing. If you see or suspect serious wrongdoing, your disclosure will help Elm to address and investigate it. This will definitely result in improving the culture of Elm, establishing a safe work environment, improving relationships with those who interact with us.
Why should I become involved if the wrongdoing doesn’t directly affect me or my job?
In some way, everyone is affected by wrongdoing. Even if you are not directly impacted, the fact that you have taken the time to come this far suggests you may have important information for the Elm to know about. Who knows, if you are thinking about the wrongdoing, who is to say others are not also concerned and being affected by it. Your information may be the piece to the equation Elm is looking for. So if you know of any incidents of misconduct or ethical violations, consider it your duty to yourself and your coworkers to report it.

How to report violations

Are there other channels to file a case?
Elm encourages all individuals to submit their concerns and any additional information electronically through our Whistle Blowers website. However, you may file a case through other channels where your identity may only be disclosed to respective employees from Internal Audit.

Our whistle blowers channels are:

• Email: Whistle-blowers@elm.sa
• Phone: 00966552606703
• Printed incidents: You may fill a printed copy of this template and send it to Internal Audit at the following details: PO Box: 76448, Zip Code: 11922
How to update any missing information after I file the case? And how to track my reported case?
When you file a case at the Whistle Blowers website, you receive a unique case key and you will need to select a password. You may revisit to the Whistle Blowers website to answer any questions or clarifications from the respective personnel and you will be able to track and add further information that will help to resolve any open issues.
Where do these reports go? Who can access them?
These reports available to a very small number of specific individuals within the Elm Whistleblowing Team. The information is then shared with an investigator for an appropriate investigation to be carried out but identities can be protected if this is preferred and in any scenario, all cases are dealt with in the strictest of confidence.

Other Queries

What if my reporting manager is involved in a violation?
Whistle Blowers website ensure that no case details is ever accessed with any person who is implicated in the conduct.
Should report my concern to my manager or human resources or legal department and let them deal with it?
First consider whether you are comfortable raising your concern directly, such as to your manager or human resources, or a more senior managers. If you feel in some situations that you do no find it convenient to speak it up directly, you may report it directly to Internal Audit through the announced channels.